Scrolling down, all the notes are for two sex scenes.
Q: Do you have other blogs?

Actually, I have an embarrassing number of sideblogs.

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Q: Can you gif Zabriskie Point?

Yup! I’m downloading it now.

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Locke (2013, dir. Steven Knight) | 61/365

Eventually, when my building is complete it will be fifty-five floors high. It will weigh two million two hundred and twenty-three thousand metric tons, okay? My building will alter the water table and squeeze granite. It will be visible twenty miles away. At sunset it will cast its shadow probably a mile long. Now, if the concrete at the base of my building is not right, if it slips… a half an inch, cracks appear. Right, if cracks appear then they will grow and grow and then the whole thing will collapse. Make one mistake, Donal, one little fucking mistake, the whole world comes crashing down around you, you understand? 

i want to watch this so bad but I’m SCARED

It is very very VERY hard to watch, even with fair warning.